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Air BNB, short term holiday rentals or rental pool management is what Blouberg Beachfront Accommodation specialise in. 


There has been many that entered into this market as it seem to be pretty easy to manage an apartment. I mean how difficult can it be arrange the cleaning, put on some photos, some rates, call a plumber or electrician when needed and leave the keys for someone. Well if you have a property and have tried the services offered by some proprietors out there and you are not happy with the result you are at the right place. 

Let us put things into perspective, we have management qualified in the hospitality industry with years of expereince. There are a lot more involved than just the above mentioned points and you can only be succesfull if you have done this for long enough to know what the risks are. Yes there are risks for both the managing party and the owner, with greater risk come greater reward. 

Well this might not always be the case as there is a scale that can make it rewarding or that can make the owner taking all the risk and the other party making money them. 

So who is this for an who not. 

Here are the most important facts to consider if you want to engage into short term rental market.


  1. You can use your property for yourself, friends and family, provided that is has not been booked by someone already. 

  2. You will receive monthly payments as rental income

  3. Your property will generate income to cover your expenses and levies.

  4. You will have someone looking after the maintenance of your property

  5. You do not need to collect money from guests who booked your apartment or manage any inventory in the internet or do email quotations

  6. You will not receive calls late at night when there are problems i.e. no hot water or the tv not working or guest having difficulty too connect to the wifi

  7. You do not have to go out at night to meet and welcome your guests. 

  8. You do not have to arrange for someone to clean the apartment and then go and check if it is cleaned up to the standard it should be

  9. You do not need to collect the dirty laundry and take it to a laundry and collect it again.


  1. You need to ensure that you are not dependant on the income to cover your bond. I has been proven time and time again that you cannot from short or long term cover the full bond of your property.

  2. Selling a property might be difficult pending the agreement in place with a managing agent as it might even be difficult for potential buyers to view the property. 

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